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Simple and secure business phone numbers for your startup or small company

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You don't need an IT staff or telco company to get a local phone number, voicemail, and call forwarding to your personal number. In less than 5-minutes you can start taking calls.

Flat fee

It's $60/yr or $250/yr. That's it - that's the pricing. No monthly bills or per minute charges. Just fair and predictable pricing. Our fair use policy makes sure you don't run up the bill. We don't want to fund spammers 😜


Everything we do runs over secure SSL connections. Your data is private and even we can't access your call history or voicemails.


No need to share your personal phone number with the world. We don't share your private number or your CloudNumber. We don't track you onlline. We don't sell your information.

Simple Pricing

We have two simple plans with flat rate, fair use pricing. Each plan provides you a free local phone number and unlimited voicemail. If you need private call forwarding, check out our small business plan. If you need more, we offer custom enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more.

SaaS Plan

$60 / year
  • Most Popular Plan
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Unlimited Notifications
Get Started *Fair Use Pricing: 500-minutes per month

Small Business Plan

$250 / year
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Call Forwarding
Get Started *Fair Use Pricing: 1000-minutes per month

How It Works

Cloudnumber is pretty simple and you should have a free phone number in minutes. You just signup, select a plan, and provide your payment information - we have flat rate yearly pricing. After that you enter U.S. zip code and select your phone number. Depending on the plan you select you can now use the phone number to get voicemail or call forwarding to your personal, private number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my phone number?

Yes you get to choose a free local US-based phone number. Upon signing up you can enter the zip code for which you want a number and select from a number of avaialble options.

What is call forwarding?

Our call forwarding service allows you to protect your personal or private phone number while still being able to take calls from your Cloudnumber phone number. People calling your Cloudnumber phone number won't know your private number and you can answer their calls just like you normally would.

How is this different from other online phone numbers?

Most online phone services have complicated pricing and features you will never use. Our online phone service provides free local phone numbers, unlimited call forwarding, and rights to your data privacy.

Is it secure?

Yes. Your information is encrypted and secure. We can't even listen to or read your voicemails if we wanted to - which we definitely don't.

Can I use this for business?

Absolutely. We built this online phone service for small businesses and software as a service companies who need a phone number for legal or support reasons, and the founder is sick of having his phone number looked up on whois records.

What is fair use pricing?

Our fair use pricing allows us to offer flat rate pricing while not being put in the position to lose money on accounts. Fair use pricing provides caps on minutes per month for each plan. You will be notified if you get close to the caps to avoid service disruption.